Biological Systems Engineering

CS Suite

Opening Windows of Contained Software


CS Suite is a set of programs for use in Environmental and Agricultural modeling.

  • CropSyst is designed to simulate cropping systems (most crops can be simulated).
  • ClimGen is designed to produce sythetic weather data sets commensurate with with historical data. It is intended to be usable worldwide and should produce satisfactory results for commonly habitable locations. It may work for some extreme climates (arctic and desert climates have not been evaluated by us) but may not adequately reproduce mountain climate (solar radiation or humidity may be problematic).
Two distribution package options are available:
  • The CropSyst installation package includes all components including ClimGen (download is about 90Mb).
  • ClimGen can be installed as a standalone package (download is about 50MB)

Because the installation packages are quite large, a Web-based installation option is provided. This installer will download and install individual files for the selected components. If you have a slow or unreliable Internet connection this installer can be interrupted and downloads resumed when convenient.



















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