Biological Systems Engineering - Research Associate

Roger L . Nelson, M.S.

Refereed Journal Articles


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Direct research support (In addition to providing programming for the CropSyst, ClimGen and/or ArcCS models)

Badini, O., Stöckle, C. O., and E.H. Franz. 1997. Application of crop simulation modeling and GIS to agroclimatic assessment in Burkina Faso.  Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 64:233-244. (consultation and modelling support)

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Indirect research support (Provided programming for the CropSyst and ClimGen model)

Mladen Todorovic, Rossella Albrizio, Ljubomir Zivotic, Marie-Therese Abi Saab, Claudio Stöckle and Pasquale Steduto, 2009, Assessment of AquaCrop, CropSyst, and WOFOST Models in the Simulation of Sunflower Growth under Different Water Regimes, Agronomy Journal 101:509-521 (2009), American Society of Agronomy

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Roger L. Nelson

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