Biological Systems Engineering - Research Associate

Roger L . Nelson, M.S.

Conference Papers & Presentations



CropSyst. European Society of Agronomy: Symposium on Modelling Cropping Systems; Florence, Italy 2001

ClimGen: a flexible weather generation program. European Society of Agronomy 2nd ISMCS,. Florence, Italy. Italy 2001

CANMS. ???? Yakima, WA 200?

SPAW user interface. ????; Portand, OR 199?

Direct research support

McKague K., Rudra R., Ogilvie J., 2003. ClimGen - A convenient weather generation tool for Canadian climate stations. Proc. CSAE/SCGR 2003 meeting, 6-9 July, Montréal, Québec, paper no. 03-118. (Provided Canadian Climatological UED import utility and assistance)

Roger L. Nelson

Computer Scientist
Research Associate


Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
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Pullman, Washington 99164-6120


TEL: 509 335-1100
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