The CropSyst software can be downloaded with the following URL:

Version 4

Version 3
(V3 from circa 2005 (actually early 2000's) is quite old and is no longer actively maintained or supported)

The versions are installed in completely separate directories so version 4 and version 5 can both be installed and can coexist.

When updating a version which has already been installed on a machine it is strongly recommended to first rename/copy the directory

C:\Program files (x86)\CS_Suite_X

to effectively keep a backup.

Version 5 represents some potentially significant change in file formats with new features not present in version 4, and deprecated or obsolete features that have removed. It is currently in active developement.

CS Suite should run under all versions of Windows.

Windows (Internet explorer) is getting rather persnickity about the installation.

MSEdge will probably not let you run this installer directly so:

Under Windows Vista, 7, 8 with Internet Explorer, if you get the dialog box "This program might not have installed correctly" then select [This program installed correctly],

Version 4 and 5 should also run under Linux with Wine but this has not been exhaustively tested.

See instructions for installing CS_Suite_4 under Linux Wine.

If when you start CropSyst you get a message saying "VCL50.BPL was not found", Under the directory where CS_Suite_4 is installed, run the program CS_Suite_4\installation\Install_BPLs_V4.exe. This may be a problem under Windows 7.
If you have a slow or unreliable Internet connection, or using the above installer did not work, or you are updating a previous installed version: you may want to try the new installation method.

Download the following program:

This installer will download the distributed files one file at a time. If the installation is interrupted (either by cancelling the download or disruption of Internet connection) the installer can be run again to continue the download and installation. Options are also available to download only the programs and/or the documentation, or ClimGen.

This is new so if you experience problems please let me know ( - Roger

CropSyst is distributed as an installation program called install_cs_suite_X_XX_XX.exe (where X_XX_XX is the version number) The installation includes CropSyst and ClimGen.

  1. Download the CropSyst suite installation program (Click on the URL specified above, you can either "Run this program from its current location" or "Save this program to disk" and run the installation later.
  2. This program will create a subdirectory cs_suite on the specified hard drive.
  3. Follow the installation instructions.
  4. (Note: CropSyst suite directory (cs_suite) is installed in the root directory of the specified hard drive)
  5. After the installation is complete you can delete the install_cs_suite_X_XX_XX.exe file.

* If you currently use a version of CropSyst (I.e. version 2.xx.xx) which is installed in the directory "cropsyst", that version of the program will not be modified. If you already have a cs_suite directory (an earlier version 3), you should save a copy of that version by renaming the old cs_suite directory before installing this latest version 3.

We also always recommend that you make a backup copy of all your parameter files before using them with with a new version.

All of the parameters files from most previous versions are forward compatible with later versions; however, major version upgrades (I.e. from version 2 to version 3 or to version 4) adds a few new parameters to Crop, management, soils and simulation control files, so you may need to edit your parameter files and add the new parameter values. Also there may be some features, operations which have been so completely redone or replaced with a new features that it is not feasible to attempt to convert the some of the older parameters.

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From version 2 to 3 the report format files have a new format (that will allow future versions of the CropSyst report format to be forward compatible) you may need to reselect your output variables in your report format files.

If you still have problems downloading, we can send the file as and email attachment. (The file is about 15 megabytes). Send a request to the email address listed below.

The old DOS only version, is no longer distributed.

If you need a DOS only version, we can generate a one on request. Send email to the address below.