The ClimGen software can be downloaded with the following URL:

Click on the link above run the file from the current location, follow the prompts.

ClimGen requires Windows 95, NT 4.0 or later versions of Windows.

It should also run under Linux with Wine.

See instructions for installing CS_Suite_4 under Linux Wine.

Note, in some versions of Windows, the install program is not installing DLLs or BPL files. In the CS_suite directory, there is a program install_DLLS.exe, run this program if you get an error message indicating there is a missing DLL (I.e. VCLX50.BPL).

If you have a slow or unreliable Internet connection, or using the above installer did not work, or you are updating a previous installed version: you may want to try the new installation method.

Download the following program:

This installer will download the distributed files one file at a time. If the installation is interrupted (either by cancelling the download or disruption of Internet connection) the installer can be run again to continue the download and installation. Options are also available to download only the programs and/or the documentation, or ClimGen.

This is new so if you experience problems please let me know ( - Roger