CS Suite, CropSyst and ClimGen do install and run under Linux using Wine. (It has been tested with OpenSUSE and Linux Mint 17.2).

Install Wine

Wine can be installed either directly from the Wine download page Or your Linux software package installer may have Wine in the distro's software repository.

CS Suite is NOT implemented with .NET so You do not need to install the Wine mono .NET emulator.

Install CS suite

  1. Go to the CropSyst Web page with your favourite Linux Web browser
  2. Click (Download CropSyst)
  3. Click the current version 4 installation exe
  4. When the file transfer is complete
  5. Find the CS suite installation executable install_cs_suite_9_99_99.exe in the directory where the .exe file was downloaded
  6. There are two options to run this installation under Wine (Depending on your version of Linux and Wine installation)
    1. Right click on the installation exe (install_cs_suite_9_99_99.exe) and select "Open With > Wine Windows program loader". (If Wine was just installed, Wine will do a first time setup).
    2. Use the Wine file browser:
      • Start Wine File
      • In the Wine File browser go to the directory containing the installation exe
      • Double click the EXE file to launch the installation.
  7. Wine may default to running executables with mono

    Start .exe programs with the Wine program loader.

    You can permanently set this as the default option. If you do not change the default Wine launcher then CS Explorer may not properly launch CS Suite programs. It may just appear to freeze and/eventually crash (actually it is Wine mono that crashes).

    The method to permanently default to using the Wine program loader will depend on your desktop and/or file manager.

    KDE Dolphin and Konqueror Ubuntu
    • Right click the .exe icon
    • In the popup menu select Properties
    • Click [File Type Options]
    • Select "Wine Windows Program Loader"
    • Click [^ Move Up] until this is the first (preferred) item.
    • Click [Ok] to close the popup window(s).
    See answer in Ubuntu forums:


  8. The installation should progress as in Windows.

Starting CS applications

The CS_Suite_4 installer under Wine will automatically add icons to the wine programs submenu and to your Linux desktop icons panel (at least it does in KDE under OpenSUSE) At least CS Explorer should appear.

The CS_Suite_4 program (if appears on the desktop or start menu) is obsolete, ignore this icon. It has been replaced with CS Explorer

The actual location of the installed CS_Suite_4 directory is under

~/.wine/drive_C/Program files (32bit)
~/.wine/drive_C/Program files (x86) (32bit programs on 64bit machine)
as CS suite 4 and some version 5 programs are currently 32bit programs.

CropSyst, ClimGen and other CS_Suite files.

Wine provides a file system that resembles the Windows drive rooted file system.
Under Wine the CS_Suite/CropSyst parameter editors can be saved to any of the emulated drives such as C: which maps to ~/.wine/drive_C/. Some of the emulated drives correspond to your Linux home directory or other key locations in your Linux file system. So CropSyst input/output files can be accessed directly from native Linux programs.

It would probably be preferable to use your native Linux directory structure rather than the C: drive provided by Wine.

CS Explorer

Most of the CS Explorer functions work normally under Wine. Here are a few exceptions:

Parameter editors

For the most part, the parameter editors should work as under Windows. There are a few caveats for specific editors.

Scenario editor

Native Linux programs

Eventually I hope to provided native CropSyst directory context functions for openDesktop desktop entry compliant Linux file managers that will Obviate the need for CS Explorer under Linux.